Paper and cardboard industry

With decades of experience, Rodewisch develops and produces dryer fabrics and press felts for paper and board machines.


For Rodewisch PMC high-tech filaments are used, which are tailored precisely to your paper & board mill needs. Our PMC are suitable for almost all types of paper and cardboard mills.

We apply:

  • reliable delivery with short lead times
  • customized manufactury for customer needs
  • very good performance and long runtimes
  • individual on demand & storage modalities


Product line


Our high-quality Rodewisch felts are durable, seamless and individual configurable.


Out of countless available varieties of midlayer fabric and needle punched nonwoven layer, we manufacture a perfect felt that is customized for your application.

You get the optimal combination with a non-marking surface from a variety of qualities. We supply the optimal felt for your needs.




Dryer PMC

We offer the ideal dryer fabric for all possible types of paper and cardboard mills.


Our woven and  spiral PMC offer excellent quality and guaranteed running times. Each PMC is individually configured to meet the technical requirements of your dryer group.

Using high-tech materials, different production technologies and our range of seam variants, we adapt our woven and the spiral PMC to your product demands.

Woven PMC Spiral PMC Needled spiral PMC

Belts for sludge treatment

Rodewisch has the ideal spiral & woven belt ready for all common belt presses.


Our spiral & woven screens offer excellent  quality and guaranteed running times.

Each filtration belt is configured individually for our customers and adapted to your pulp preparation technology.





Sludge belts


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