Wood fibreboard industry

In the wood fiberboard industry, Rodewisch stands for quality and fast delivery.

Rodewisch manufactures individually adapted and very light belts for pressing, gluing and conveying wood fiberboard.

Our press belts made of PET, PPS and PEEK are a guarantee for smooth production processes and stand for high performance and efficiency of your production lines.

Due heat resistance, low abrasion and antistatic properties, if required, we offer a wide range of products, individually customized to your line.

Product line

Fibreboard pressing & gluing

Rodewisch manufactures temperature- and abrasion-resistant ventilation belts for wood presses of all well-known machine builders.

Due to heat resistant materials, and compared to metal with a low self-weight, we offer a wide range of products, individually manufactured for your wood processing line.

Press belts

Conveyor belts

Our Rodewisch belts are durable, individually configurable and enable long running times.

Equipped with or without antistatic properties, we manufacture your customized farbic and ensure security against static charge.

Antistatic belts


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